Monday's thought: Lukewarm is bad for the soul

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Monday's thought: Lukewarm is bad for the soul

The most dangerous way to live is lukewarm. When the water is only warm enough that it doesn’t give you a reason to leave, you’ll stay in an environment that doesn’t serve you for far longer than you should. When life gives you just enough to keep you from being miserable, what it really gives you is just enough to form resentment. 

Many relationships will satisfy our need for a warm body but our soul doesn’t need a warm body other than our own, our insecurities do. Our soul needs someone that feels like home while simultaneously feeling like our greatest adventure. 

Golden handcuffs speak to the mind that believes in scarcity. The ego was developed to cope with a finite world so it will trick you into believing that you have to take a piece of the pie when offered. The soul on the other hand is unchained and abundant so it understands that there are virtually unlimited pieces for unlimited people. Do to this, the soul will never accept something it doesn’t long for simply because it is the first thing or seemingly only thing, that is offered. The soul understands that nothing in this world is what it seems.

The soul exists below the surface of you and so the world it sees is deeper than the one you do. The things your soul understands are deeper than the things that you understand and as such, you’ll often feel on the surface of your life that everything is fine, yet below the surface, you’ll have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something stirring you to move. 

Your soul will push you to get up and search for what else might be because it knows that in that process is where you’ll find out what else you could be. It’ll nudge you toward things that feel uncomfortable because where you see an obstacle, the soul recognizes a path with an opportunity for growth. Where you see what’s been broken, it sees where mending will make you stronger.

If you are being pulled to leave a situation that’s no longer fully serving you, it’s likely that your soul has grown tired of the stagnation and sees a future that you cannot. There’s something better or something bigger or something more worthy of your metal and that’s the thing that your soul has been put here to find. To follow a path you can’t fully see is the ultimate act of faith in yourself and while faith can be a scary way to live your life, the rewards are far greater than the lukewarm purgatory that the smallest parts of you would have you settle for.