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The most dangerous way to live is lukewarm. When the water is only warm enough that it doesn’t give you a reason to leave, you’ll stay in an environment that doesn’t serve you for far longer than you should. When life gives you just enough to keep you from being miserable, what it really gives you is just enough to form resentment.  Many relationships will satisfy our need for a warm body but our soul doesn’t need a warm body other than our own, our insecurities do. Our soul needs someone that feels like home while simultaneously feeling like our...

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Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to summit Mt. Everest was credited as giving the famed reason “because it’s there,” when asked why he would attempt such a feat that had never been done before. And with that, sane people everywhere cringed as adventurers simultaneously nodded with approval and understanding. If you want to get away from the facade and the fake, to get a little closer to knowing the real you that’s been buried beneath the weight of the world and the social pressure of your environment, look no further than the wild that is butted up against our...

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