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Get stronger to go longer: Strength training for endurance athletes

In general, runners, bikers, triathletes and most endurance athletes tend to treat the free weight section of the gym like it’s a gluten filled cake on a hipster's birthday. Complete avoidance with the occasional snarky comment about getting too big or building useless muscles. Fortunately, we are at a point in the evolution of sport where we know that endurance athletes avoiding strength training and lifters avoiding aerobic conditioning is to their detriment. We now have the studies to back up the fact that strength training helps endurance athletes: Improve body composition (reduces fat, increased lean tissue) Increases muscular power which transfers to speed over the ground Increases movement efficiency and my personal favorite And helps to keep you injury...

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The Iron Sanctuary

For many of us, the gym is not just a place that we frequent for January and half of February, nor is it just a place to go before weddings and warm vacations. It has nothing to do with trying to get healthier because we know we “should.” Rather it is a place of solitude. A sanctuary of sorts, where constant feedback takes place in the form of gross tonnage. Where iron therapy is provided in droves and problems are worked out long before they ever make it out of our mind. Individuals are empowered and communities are brought together under the premise of a single constant purpose. Forward progress. Diet isn’t a concept meant to struggle through for eight...

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