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Monday's thought: Lukewarm is bad for the soul

The most dangerous way to live is lukewarm. When the water is only warm enough that it doesn’t give you a reason to leave, you’ll stay in an environment that doesn’t serve you for far longer than you should. When life gives you just enough to keep you from being miserable, what it really gives you is just enough to form resentment.  Many relationships will satisfy our need for a warm body but our soul doesn’t need a warm body other than our own, our insecurities do. Our soul needs someone that feels like home while simultaneously feeling like our greatest adventure.  Golden handcuffs speak to the mind that believes in scarcity. The ego was developed to cope with a...

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Do you avoid passion?

Without passion, life can start to look bleak. Without an intense burning for something greater or something more, our soul begins to decay. Yet most of us are content to live our lives mostly without it. We let passion spontaneously pop up in our lives at the beginning of a new relationship or when we become entrenched in a great book but it’s rarely something we pursue and it’s certainly never something with actively try to cultivate. Yet, when we are fully entrenched in our passion, we are the most alive and happy we ever feel. Perhaps we are content not to cultivate it because passion comes packaged with a down side. Something we rarely talk about, but that we...

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How might we live in a way that renders our death bearable?

“I’ve never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.” -Kristian Bush There are numerous observable patterns about the human condition. Patterns which make it easy for us to speculate on the outcome of any given situation. Specifically, as we age, the ways in which the human body begins to fail has become predictable. In fact, there is no bigger data set than that of the eventual break down and deterioration of the human machine. If you subtract the roughly 7.4 billion people who are alive right now, the earth has seen around 100.8 billion people die before us. And whether you like it or not, you and I will eventually be joining them. Chances are that just in reading that...

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