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The Iron Sanctuary

For many of us, the gym is not just a place that we frequent for January and half of February, nor is it just a place to go before weddings and warm vacations. It has nothing to do with trying to get healthier because we know we “should.” Rather it is a place of solitude. A sanctuary of sorts, where constant feedback takes place in the form of gross tonnage. Where iron therapy is provided in droves and problems are worked out long before they ever make it out of our mind. Individuals are empowered and communities are brought together under the premise of a single constant purpose. Forward progress. Diet isn’t a concept meant to struggle through for eight...

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Should you follow your passion?

I take on a lot of crazy adventures. Usually when I tell people about what I am doing next, their expression lands somewhere between bewilderment and complete indifference. It can be easy to think that people don’t care about the things that you are into and that what you do doesn’t matter to anyone else. That is almost never true. I can’t be positive whether or not following your passion will ever pay off from an economical standpoint. Some “successful” people say that it is all that matters and yet there are some that find it to be irresponsible at best. Truthfully, I think it’s probably a matter of timing mixed with a little dumb luck. What I can tell...

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5 things that CrossFit taught me about entrepreneurship

Anyone who has been part of the CrossFit community for any length of time knowsthat the sport of CrossFit and the lifestyle that it fosters have been a breadingground for entrepreneurs, startups and new companies all looking to build thatlifestyle into their life more permanently. Even Greg Glassman who is a selfproclaimed “staunch libertarian” has set the barrier of entry to gym ownershippretty low, believing that the affiliate fee and the owner’s sweat equity will allow thecream of the crop to rise to the top. As of late, people are beginning to realize indroves that owning a gym is not the only path to making the community a morepermanent fixture in your life. Every month, if you frequent the local...

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