This video was taken from my Spoken Word Album, which was made entirely out of quotes from new book, Ambitious Heroes and Heartache. For the entire album, click here. 

I read to understand the word but I write to understand my own world. Writing is the main way that I explore new concepts and ideas, even before I create lectures or course materials. Please see below for information on my available books. 

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Burn Your Couch

Book Description: 

Most of us wake up each day with no rhyme or reason as to what should come next. We are essentially living on autopilot. It’s as if consumer culture has teamed up with an outdated education system to ensure that our lives become a reflection of other people’s ideas, thoughts and vision. In the meantime we insistently march toward mediocrity, growing sick, depressed and more tired by the day. It’s time for a revolution and an awakening. At the very least, a shove back at the status quo.Burn Your Couch is an unapologetic manifesto, meant to show you that the things originally intended for temporary comfort are bleeding over into aspects of your life that they don’t belong and as a result you are missing out on the best version of yourself. Above all else, Burn Your Couch is about rejecting the idea that others know what is best for you, and instead, developing a system and the courage to seek your own truths to forge your own path.

Ambitious Heroes and Heartache

Book Description:

As children, our ideas about life are formed by stories of kings that step into their glory, underdogs that win against the odds, and improbable romances that always seem to find their way back to a happy ending. As adults, most of us have found reality to be far less charming. We have to exist here in the real world where our results often falls short of our expectations, emotions create a mess of our minds and most of the villains that we face exist in the form of our own internal resistance. This book is about finding clarity in the process of bridging the gap between who you are and who you want to be. It is a user's manual for those still looking to become the hero in their own lives.