The Modern Man's Call: An online course exploring masculine psychology

*Cohort #2 kicks off on October 5th, 2021. The course will run for 10 Weeks.

**I only take applications for this course so that I can ensure that the program is a good fit for you and that it supports what you are looking to get out of your life. Following your application, I will reach out to set up a short zoom call.

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Where The Modern Man Stumbles:

  • Apathy and a lack of fulfillment in relationships / career / life: We have become utterly disconnected from the adventures that we were born to live. As such we escape, numb, and ignore the vision of life we are being called to. 
  • Feelings of being stuck or stagnant in life: The process of initiation calls us to voluntary subject ourselves to the fires of life that are meant to purify and transform us into a greater version of ourselves. When we do not understand the transformation we are being called to, we suffer in that fire for longer than we have to.
  • Feelings of being trapped in life / lack of freedom: Without a sense of freedom and expansion our soul withers and we shrink in proportion to our lives. Many of us are stuck behind an inability to communicate our needs or a lack of knowing what they are.
  • Withdrawing into the isolation of one's own darkness: The modern man has a plethora of ways to feed their compulsions and drown in an ocean of shame induced isolation. We must learn to dance with our darkness because the inner war is not one we are capable of winning. Our own demons keep us caved in on ourselves and keep us convinced that we are not worthy of stepping into the light that we are called to. 
  • Inability to feel satisfaction and taste the goodness of one's own life:  When we have deviated from our own path in life, we get a number of internal messages. The inability to appreciate the goodness that surrounds you is often indicative of the 'lost boy' who still exists within.
  • Lack of internal authority and leadership: When the King is sick, the entire kingdom is sick and remains in a state of devastation. When we stop short of completing our own heroes journey, our internal kingdom remains wounded and the entire kingdom which is our life, continues to suffer.
  • Lack of relational and sexual satisfaction: In the wake of hedonism lies a trail of men who are fated to a life void of romantic satisfaction. When our own internal masculine / feminine dynamic is out of balance, the way in which we relate to the world is also out of balance.

These are obviously only a few of the struggles and obstacles that the modern man is forced to contend with. The course will follow the evolution of the healthy masculine and will focus on many of the traps that exist along the way which threaten to thwart our progress. If you want to read more about the development of masculine psychology, check out this short essay

How the course was born and why it exists:

I do not believe that we need to be "fixed". Rather, we need a call worth answering, a task worth struggling for, and an adventure to live. The right adventure is going to demand everything of us and the reward we receive for our efforts is the opportunity to grow into the fullness of who we actually are and the life we are meant to live. The idea behind this course is that you have weekly conversations and lectures where you'll learn masculine psychology through the lens of myth and archetypal psychology. In doing so, you will learn to unfold your personal myth and seek the water of life for yourself. 

This course was born out of an uncomfortable epiphany. Three years ago I began to notice moments of truth sprinkled within my everyday life that forced me to begin looking at the reality of the world I was living and participating in. Each one hit me like a flash of insight at an unexpected moment. As I looked for examples and lessons about how to conduct myself as a healthy masculine presence in the world today, what I saw was a lack of men who knew how. It felt as if the idea of a good man had retreated to nostalgia and was no longer a viable option for the present. I saw men apologize for being men. I saw men retreat to the fantasy world of boyhood where they were felt safe from having to actually adopt responsibility for their lives. I also saw men who caved in on themselves in isolation as they were overcome by the lies of their own darkness and internal demons. 

What I found few and far between were solid embodiments of an ideal masculine. 

This notion began to function as my own call to adventure. I felt as if I were invited to search for the lost archetype of the divine masculine. I became intensely interested in what my role and responsibility as a man in all of the never ending chaos actually was - for myself, my family, and the world at large. In response I took courses online, I submerged myself in understanding the evolution of masculine psychology which brought me down a long road of learning to understand the reason behind and role of the ancient initiation process that our culture has become disconnected from. I wrote a book and focused my research on the Heroes Journey which functions something like our own path to a deeper experience of life. 

If in fact, we can learn to hear and answer our own call to adventure.

In this work I began to form a picture of where the man in the modern world had disappeared to. In that picture I also found guidance for my own path to an authentic life. My answers were found at the intersection of the mythological heroes journey and the ancient path of initiation. In my search I gathered mentors who understood how the masculine should evolve into manhood and I soaked up their knowledge and energy. (Some of those mentors and coaches will be providing guest lessons throughout this course.)

In the previous year, amidst my own inner work, I felt the increasingly persistent call to create a container where men could explore what it means to live in a deeper way, with more presence and authenticity. For this, I created The Modern Man's Call.

Throughout the course we are going to:

  • Explore the phases of masculine psychology from boy to individuated man.
  • Learn to discern our own call to adventure and to a more meaningful life.
  • Learn to balance our own internal feminine and masculine dynamic.
  • Practice communicating our needs from an embodied healthy masculine.
  • Learn to engage with conflict in a healthy way.
  • Practice grappling with your own darkness and internal demons so that they serve you and not the other way around.
  • Understand the transformation process that keeps one in right relationship with their life. 
  • Understand the traps that keep us small and keep us from playing an active role in our own growth. 
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue about how a man should show up in the modern world and how they are responsible to contribute to it.

Information on The Modern Man's Call:

What: 10 Week online course including lectures, guest coaches, and assignments for deeper understanding and application.

When: The next cohort kicks off on October 5th, 2021 

Where: Course will be meeting online on Zoom and forum will be conducted on Slack.

Why: Because the world is in dire need of The Good King. 

Price: $997. Flexible payment options available. Members of this first course will also get discounted pricing into community for follow on integration work.

Note - Each person also gets access to Marco Polo so that we can communicate between the group coaching calls. Since many week's have short follow on assignments, it can be helpful to have coaching access while you are specifically wrestling with certain ideas and assignments. 

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  1.  Do I have to attend the group coaching sessions? Yes. Of course you can miss a few calls here and there but there is a large participatory element with this course so the work can be applied to our individual lives. If you can't be present at the calls consistently, please consider trying another cohort when the schedule works better for you.
  2. When are the calls? Calls are done on Tuesday night for 10 consecutive weeks at 5pm pacific / 8 pm EST. 
  3. Will there be at-home assignments? Yes, some weeks are heavier than others. Some assignments are done by yourself and some are done as calls with other members of the cohort.
  4. Are you flexible with payment? Yes! I want this course to be accessible to those who are serious about doing the work. If you email me at, I would be happy to figure it out a way to make it work for you.
  5. What do I need for the course? You will need a journal, access to high speed internet, and a deep desire to go within yourself in search for tough answers. None of these are optional. The course won't seem worth it to you if you are not ready to do the work.
  6. How much of a time investment is it? Weekly meetings are one hour and I would plan for a minimum of one hour of assignment work per week. There are also recommended readings and lessons for deeper learning so you could theoretically spend many hours per week on the work if you desire to.
  7. When will the in-person initiation be announced? Those will be done once per year and members from different cohorts will be invited to participate. all in-person events will be announced 6 months in advance for it can be worked into your life if it is something you want to do.
  8. Are you going to coach the whole thing? I am going to facilitate the whole thing. In addition to my own teachings however, I am going to bring in coaches who have been extremely valuable to my own growth. Guest lecturers will be announced ahead of time.
  9. Why is there an application process? The truth is that this work is simply not for everyone at all times. One must be in a place in their life where they are ready to face themselves and do the work. Since this will be a group program, I have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the group and to bring in men who are willing to actively participate in their own growth and likewise, who are willing to pour into others as they do to.

The Adventure Begins October 5th 

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