One on One Coaching & Spiritual Guidance

Making the decision to work with a new coach or guide is never an easy one. It requires an investment of time, money, emotional bandwidth, and heart. Below I've put a little bit of information about why I coach and how I typically approach my work with clients

If you are interested in working with me, please fill out this short application by clicking the link below. After applying, I will reach out to set up a short zoom conversation so we can see if this container is a good fit for what you are looking to achieve. 



My job in this space is ultimately to listen, to offer perspective, and to help guide you back home to you. The goal with 1 on 1 work is to create the necessary space so that you are able to step fully into who you are here to be. This often requires a combination of healing approaches, strategy sessions, and personal development work. Between calls I often assign journaling practices, extra lecture material, and other resources as they are required and/or desired.

I also utilize the messenger app Marco Polo for continued coaching support between calls. In the past three years of my practice, I have found that this is an indispensable tool. Often when we are working to integrate new ways of being into our life, it is easier to talk a situation out when it arises, rather than wait for the next scheduled call. All one on one clients get access to Marco Polo.

In regards to my approach to inner work, I do not believe that we are broken and need to be fixed, rather I believe that we are in need of finding the right adventure to go on. The right adventure is going to call us out of hiding, it's going to help us find the courage we need to confront our own shadows, and is going to lead us into the life we are here to live.

In addition to wisdom traditions of the east and west, my approach to growth work is deeply informed by the work of depth psychologist Carl Jung and archetypal psychologist James Hillman. I am currently working on a PhD where I am studying the intersection of spirituality and psychology. As such, those methods, including shadow work, dream tending, and crafting personal myth are all part of the tool set that I bring to work with my clients. 

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