Old Stories

There is a way to read old stories, not as if they happened at another time to another person but rather, as if they are happening to us now. Once per week on my podcast Morning Coffee, I am going to break down old stories in exactly this way. Here you will find each teaching along with reflection questions.

Each reflection question makes a great journaling prompt or contemplation in order to work deeper with these stories. 

Jonah Part One:

Reflection Questions: 

What is the price that I am paying for not living in alignment with truth? 

How have I experienced what happens when I bring a lie into a container that is meant to shield me from the storms of life? Where might that be happening now?

When do I know that I should be enjoying something but find that i'm unable to do so? (This is often an unconscious indication that we are separated from the life we are meant for)

What is the smaller truth that I have been wiling to settle for? (Rather than face up to my own power)

What belief is keeping me from surrender? 

What do I know that I should be doing right now that I am avoiding?

Jonah Part Two:

Reflection Questions:

What would it take for you to believe this life is rigged in favor of your growth? Everything remaining safe and comfortable? Would that actually help you grow? Is there a way that you could see not getting what you want as actually still being for your growth?

How would your life change if gratitude was not contingent on your comfort?

How are you personally keeping hope at a distance? 

What parts of the false self are you not willing to let go of?

What are you not will to sacrifice and surrender to your highest calling and path?