The Clarity Academy

What is The Clarity Academy?

A 12 week course designed to help you figure out exactly who are and what you want out of your life. The course focuses on 'deep inner work' while each week includes video lessons and reflective exercises to help you find authenticity and get clarity around what you want for your life. Throughout the 12 weeks you will dive into understanding your own personality, coping mechanisms and shadows while participating in group coaching, or one on one calls. You'll develop a better understanding of yourself by identifying behaviors such as self sabotage and getting an in depth look at how and why they show up in your life.

While the first half of the course is dedicated to working through the subconscious and reprogramming beliefs so that your thoughts actually serve you, the second half is meant to help you create an actionable plan forward to actually step into that life.  

Who is this course for? 

People who:

  • Want to cultivate passion in their lives
  • Want to find more meaning
  • Want to push for more than their lives are currently giving them
  • Feel lost and disconnected from themselves and the world around them
  • Are willing to do the necessary deep work and invest the time that true clarity actually requires.
  • Are in times of transition or at a crossroads in their life and would like to understand their identity better so that can confidently find out what's next.

 This course will run every three months and will only contain a limited number of slots for each cohort. 

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