Man's Search for Meaning Book Club with Rick & Danielle

Man's Search for Meaning Book Club with Rick & Danielle

Reminder, all payments are “pay as you wish,” meaning we want all members of this community to feel like this is a place where all are welcome, regardless of your means. You must still checkout and register regardless of your chosen price so that we can register for the book club. If you do wish to pay for this service just put an amount in the price box at checkout! 

Again, here is what is included:

  • A welcome video- detailing out the plan ahead and prepares the group
  • Four-month syllabus and access to the community- including a dedicated online forum and fluid way to connect and build relationships with other bookies like you;
  • Weekly Content:
    • Weekly prompts that follow the syllabus and outline suggested readings.
    • We will include our favorite quotes within the week’s reading.
    • Suggestions for reframing the content within the chapters to help you stay the course of the chapters.
  • Monthly LIVE ZOOM calls (4+ hours of guidance) led by Danielle and Rick These calls are to dissect the material thus far and will help you take the content during these in depth discussions.
    • The calls will be recorded and posted to the community within 24 hours post call.
  • A place and a program that's been built to foster connection and community. 

And don't forget, you’ll have us throughout the experience.

If registering, please use a good email as we will use that for future correspondence.

We're starting on January 31st.