The Personal Podcast Project

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When you listen to a podcast (mine, or another), you are almost certainly listening to see how the show might apply to you, your specific life situations, and who you are as a person. But what if the podcast was created solely about you? 

This is the work of the Personal Podcast Project. It is a three-step process to create a show that is created just for you. 

It will include:

  • Thoughts tailored to your needs and life
  • Open-ended questions for future thought
  • Contemplations, coaching and journaling prompts tailored to you
  • Insights into how you show up, where to look for blind spots, and shadows etc...
  • Considerations specifically for your psychological makeup

Your Personal Podcast is like a coach you can just keep going back to for deeper insight into your life.

The process includes the following three steps:

  1. Fill out a packet with psychological testing and a questionnaire.
  2. Schedule a call so that we can go over your answers and I can learn more about you, your specific needs, personality etc...
  3. Receive a podcast specifically tailored to you. Includes things to consider

*This can be especially valuable for entrepreneurs who want to better understand their own offering and get some more language around their brand, though any growth-minded individual can certainly benefit!

*Turn around time is one month. In almost all cases I can get it done quicker but these take me time and it's more important to me that I do them correctly, rather than quickly. 

* If you are interested in having the PPP made for your employees or a group of people, please reach out for bulk discount pricing.